About this Site

The Nuclear Science Technology High School Curriculum Website is a tool developed to explain concepts, issues and people related to energy and in particular nuclear energy. The website was developed for the public, for teachers and specifically for students in grades 9–12.

As energy supply, security, cost and environmental issues dominate government agendas and public consciousness, understanding how energy is produced, used and impacts our everyday lives becomes increasingly important to all of us.

Exploring the possibilities of atomic energy through its wide range of applications from atoms as the basic building block of life, to the physics of energy and matter and to a wide range of other applications that nuclear technology offers in medicine, research and development, manufacturing and agriculture provides teachers and students a tool to better understanding nuclear energy and its contributions.

The website was developed over a period of many years drawing upon the expertise of leading nuclear scientists and science educators and has being developed with the participation and support of all Science Curriculum Coordinators from provincial and territorial Ministries of Education from across Canada.

The lesson plans on this site were developed taking into account curriculum for every province and territory in Canada and include lessons for teachers in general science, environmental science, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, history, social studies and world issues.

The lesson plans have been designed with multiple strategies to understand the scientific knowledge and issues related to nuclear technology. These include information sheets, instructional media, videos, animations explaining scientific information, games, electronic publications and other resource materials. Included are lesson plans, short activities, articles, PowerPoints and video resources to support teaching and learning about nuclear technologies in the classroom. Materials will continuously be developed, refreshed, and updated.

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) is a non-profit organization established in 1960 to represent the nuclear industry in Canada and promote the developments and growth of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes. The CNA has over 100 members including power utilities, labour unions, manufacturers, uranium mining and fuel processing companies, engineering companies, universities and associations.