Careers in Nuclear

Careers in the nuclear industry offer a wide range of challenging and creative jobs with excellent salaries and benefits and lifelong learning opportunities.

The nuclear industry in Canada is preparing for a major renaissance driven by the need to refurbish existing nuclear reactors and build new reactors to replace an aging fleet of nuclear power plants. New nuclear power projects are being planned or considered in Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Careers in the nuclear sector can be found in every province and territory across the country. They include engineers, scientists, technicians, skilled trade and technology workers, professional management and entry-level positions as well as other positions related to electricity generation, uranium mining and milling, used fuel management, nuclear medicine, research, environmental and earth sciences, manufacturing, agriculture and more.

Be Part of a Dynamic and Growing Workforce

Careers in the nuclear and energy sector offer women and men challenging work, competitive salaries and benefits and opportunities for advancement. Nuclear employees help to protect the environment by supporting Canada’s emission-free nuclear power plants, which provide almost 15% percent of Canada’s electricity and over 55% of the electricity generated in Ontario.

What are Employers Looking For?

Nuclear operators and other nuclear energy companies need workers across a broad range of disciplines. Opportunities exist for a variety of engineers, technicians, skilled trade and technology workers and the full range of financial, human resource, communications, education and training and administration that support nuclear related companies and facilities.

Enjoy a Challenging Career in Advanced Technology

  • Trades and Construction (high school and apprenticeship)
  • Technical/ElectricalTechnicians (Community College)
  • Engineering (University)
  • Scientific (University)
  • Support/Administrative/Management and Leadership (College/University)

The safe and reliable operation of Canada’s 22 nuclear power reactors depends on people of commitment and integrity acting as stewards of public health and safety, and the environment.
Canada’s exceptional safety record in operating nuclear facilities over the last 48 years has resulted in a demand for new nuclear plants to help meet the country’s need for reliable, economic and emission-free electricity. With this demand comes the need for individuals who possess a wide variety of knowledge, skills and abilities, and have a desire to learn.

Highly advanced technology and complex industrial processes present challenges that can change daily. Working in the nuclear industry can be a rewarding and challenging career choice with opportunities to resolve problems and improve processes. Opportunities may be individual or in team environments. Creativity and responsibility are rewarded with career advancement and professional development as well. Salaries are among the most competitive in the country.

What is Driving Recruitment Efforts?

  • Refurbishment of nuclear power plants
  • New nuclear construction
  • Retirements in the electricity sector
  • Greater world demand for non-emitting energy

In Canada 50% of electricity generation workers will be eligible to retire within the next five to 10 years. Recruitment of the future work force is a major focus for Canada and the nuclear energy industry. As the world looks for solutions to protecting the environment through sustainable development at the same time maintaining a healthy economy for all Canadians, nuclear energy is being viewed more and more as part of the solution for Canada’s energy future.