Welcome to the new and improved TeachNuclear website! Come discover a full suite of FREE middle and high school classroom resources about nuclear science and technology.

Developed by the Canadian Nuclear Association in collaboration with Let’s Talk Science, these engaging resources help students understand the important role nuclear science plays in clean electricity, medicine, safe food and drinking water, and more!

lesson plans

TeachNuclear offers complete, downloadable lesson plans covering a wide range of subjects related to nuclear science and technology.

Teaching is made fun and easy with play-based lessons, editable student work sheets and curriculum alignment charts for all Canadian provinces and territories.

virtual field trip

You don’t have to travel far to learn about nuclear science! TeachNuclear has created a series of short videos that are ideal for classroom viewing and discussion.

Go behind the scenes of a nuclear power plant, hear from nuclear energy workers, and take in a nuclear opera – all in just a few minutes!

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